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Copper Coating Services in Dubai | FMC

The metallic element, copper, comes in red-orange with malleability, high electrical conductivity, and corrosion resistance. All these characteristics make copper an excellent choice for coating components in various industries, from automotive and aerospace to electronics and telecommunications.

If you’re looking for a top-notch company that provides copper coating services with shortened lead times, lower costs, and produces superior-quality products, FMC can help. At FMC, we provide copper plating and electroplating services to suit your needs. We can apply a copper coating of different thicknesses to product types and their base materials. We have some top-class plating methods like barrel plating, electroplating, electroless painting, heavy plate building, and rack electroplating. Additionally, FMC can provide copper plating for ceramics, plastics, and hybrid materials.

Copper Electroplating : During copper electroplating, the metal substrate is submerged in an electrolyte bath, and copper ions adhere to the surface, leaving a thin copper coating.

Electroless Plating: It is a chemical process that doesn’t need an external energy source to create a metal coating. These coatings are resistant to corrosion and less porous, making them a perfect option for products exposed to extreme conditions.

Barrel Plating: It is a highly efficient electroplating method were FMC copper plates various smaller parts simultaneously.

Copper Electro plating in Dubai, UAE
Copper Plating

Heavy Build Plating: This type of plating creates a thicker coating, unlike others. They have a thickness that exceeds 0.001 inches.

Rack Electroplating: This electroplating is best when the plating specifications follow strict testing requirements. At FMC, we accommodate mass production and prototype volumes as well.

Standards Followed In FMC

ASTM: B 734 – Electrodeposited Copper for Engineering Uses