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Zinc Plating with Color Passivate

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Zinc Plating with Color Passivation in Dubai, UAE

In zinc plating, a thin zinc deposit is applied to a base metal. In various industries, corrosion can be an issue where the coating forms a sacrificial layer upon the metal that generally corrodes first. It means the original metal is protected and the zinc layer gets repaired and replaced when needed.

Bright zinc plating can be a multi-step process that requires cleaning base metals with water washes and acids and then immersing the components in a zinc solution. It leaves a fine layer of zinc over the metal, giving it a bright finish. During this stage, the plated metal is passivated into a chromatic solution, adding protection and color. Plus, the top coat is sealed for great resilience. At FMC, we utilize a heat treatment process called de-embrittlement that prevents high-tensile steel from causing hydrogen embrittlement.

Zinc plating can be commonly applied over metals like steel and iron. They’re a versatile technique that can be applied to large and small batches alike. They are used for plating components like pressings, fasteners, springs, and turned parts, and the process has a plethora of applications for use in many industries. Their corrosion resistance can make them an impressive choice for sectors that need long-lasting, reliable, and rust-free components.

Zinc Coating in Dubai | FMC
zinc-plated metals in Dubai, UAE

Aesthetically, zinc-plated metals appear shiny and bright as we incorporate black or yellow passivation into the finished product that you select. FMC, being a top-notch and best-in-class plating company, has dedicated itself to minimizing its ecological impact. They have found that zinc plating can be more environmentally friendly than other cadmium plating techniques. Our passivates are all hex-free. Get in touch with FMC to get the service of zinc plating at the most affordable price!

Standards Followed In FMC

ASTM B633- Electrodeposited Coatings of Zinc on Iron and Steel