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Gold-plated Jewelry in Dubai

The application of a thin gold coating to another object’s surface is known as gold electroplating. Gold is more expensive than many other plating materials, but its many better advantages frequently surpass this cost.

Gold is durable and does not oxidize or undergo chemical reactions under normal circumstances. Because of this, gold plating is a superb option for many technical applications where design criteria include electrical conductivity, solderability, and corrosion resistance.

Gold Plating in Dubai is a systematic process in producing fine jewelry and other products where aesthetics is essential due to gold’s apparent aesthetic appeal. Gold is a standard plating option for electrical components like semiconductors and connections because of its comparatively high electrical conductivity and stable contact resistance. The resilience of the substrate to tarnishing and corrosion is also increased by electroplating gold.

Type I, II, and III purity deposits in soft and hard gold formulations are among the full spectrum of FMC’s gold plating services. While gold coating can be more expensive than utilizing less expensive materials, there are several significant advantages that this beautiful metal offers in a wide range of metal finishing applications.

Gold plating in Dubai, UAE
Gold Electroplating
  • Prevention of corrosion
  • High resistance to oxidation and tarnish
  • Outstanding solderability
  • High conductivity of electricity
  • Reflectivity of IR
  • Increased resistance to wear
  • Substantial thermal conductivity
  • Negligible contact resistance
  • Bondable

We offer gold electroplating services to customers in various industries, including aerospace, and architectural finishing, thanks to our cutting-edge capabilities and extensive, unmatched experience. Technical design engineers and project managers assigned to the project are readily available to respond to any questions our customers may have before, during, or after the project’s completion!

We can ensure that the finish you choose is exactly what you want because there are hundreds of finishes to choose from!

Standards Followed In FMC

ASTM: B 253 – Aluminium Surface Preparation
ASTM: B 488 – Electro-deposited Coatings of Gold